About Us

Dover Dog Walkers and PetSitting is located in Dover, NH.  We formed this company in October of 2016 because we LOVE animals and if we could keep millions of our own, we would.  Since that's not possible, we are doing the next best thing; helping you care for yours when you can't be around.  We view pets as family members and as such we want to make sure that they receive the best care possible always.  Keeping them in your home while you're away is the best thing for most of your pets and we are here to help.  We are bonded and insured and a member of Pet Sitters International.

My husband, Paul, has been working as a licensed LNA for almost 10 years but has extensive experience with all kinds of pets.  Not just dogs and cats but also rabbits, iguanas, rats, mice, gerbils, pigeons, birds, pigs, chickens and even monkeys.   He also has experience working as a lead out for the greyhounds at Seabrook years ago and his main job was to make sure the dogs didn't get hurt. 

People mostly know me as the dance director and instructor at Tri-Star Gymnastics and Dance in Dover where I have been teaching since 1999.  I have owned mostly cats all my life and used to believe there was nothing better than a cat!  Then I met my loves, Portia and Watson.....they are our rescue dogs adopted from TN, Portia in 2013 and Watson in 2014.  Now I am obsessed with dogs!!  I have been a professional dogwalker/petsitter for the last four years and I love it!

We cannot wait to meet your furry family member! 

~Emmy and Paul LaVallee