Other pets:

We have experience with a variety of other pets, please contact us with specifics.

Pet Services

All of our services start with a free consultation at your home.  This way we can meet you and your pets and find out about your/their specific needs.  All prices listed below are a starting point.  Your location, time of visit, frequency, how many pets, etc will determine the final price of visit.  We will happily discuss this with you at the time of the consult before you make any decisions.  Each pet visit includes a picture and a quick message letting you know how the visit went!  Contact us today to set up a consult time.    


Dog Care:

Daily Dog Walks:  Long days at the office?   Worried your dog stays home by themselves too long?  No worries!  Our dog walking professionals will come to your house to give your dog a break from being in a crate and/or home alone.  We will play with them and give them some TLC while you are away for the day.  We have a couple of options to choose from.  

30 minute visit:  Your dog(s) will receive a walk around your neighborhood.  We offer neighborhood discounts if we already walk visit pets in your neighborhood.  These visits start at $17.

15 minute potty break:  This is a shorter visit to allow your dog to go outside to get some fresh air.  These visits start at $12.

Dog Sitting:  Going away on vacation or on a business trip?  Looking for an alternative to a kennel?  Would be nice if you had someone pick up the mail and was keeping an eye on the house while you're gone?  We can help!  We can make frequent visits during the day to:

-Walk, play, lots of TLC and belly rubs

-Give food and fresh water

-Give any medications needed

-Adjust lights, blinds, temperature

-Pick-up mail, water plants

30 minute visits: start at $17

Overnight visits:  Do your dogs get lonely at night and would do better with someone to stay overnight at your home?  We do that too!  We will arrive to get them ready to settle in for the night and will leave in the morning after their breakfast and morning walk.

Approximately 8PM-6AM: starting at $70

Cat Care:

30 minute visits include:

-Kitty play, brushing, snuggles and TLC

-Fresh water and food

-Clean litter box

-Give any medications needed
-Adjust lights, blinds, temperature
-Pick-up mail, water plants

Start at $17